A vehicle replacement guarantee policy for new and pre-owned vehicles.

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AWRAP is committed to providing you with the best experience possible. In the insurance industry, this means having industry-leading insurance coverages available for you to protect you against any unforeseen loss that you may encounter.

Unfortunately, losses happen. The best way to ensure that those losses do not have lasting effects is to have adequate protection. The AWRAP program is designed to protect you from the short falls in typical auto insurance coverages that you may experience if you have an accident.

AWRAP provides you with protection on your vehicle for both a total loss (a write off) or a partial loss (repairable loss). In the event of a loss, AWRAP minimizes your expenses with coverages that reimburse your deductible or extend your rental coverage. The policies also provide you with financial security on your vehicle loan or lease by covering outstanding amounts that are not covered by your primary insurance*.


AWRAP is a Vehicle Replacement Guarantee Policy underwritten by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation.

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